Thanks Sarah!

I recently created a couple of hats for my friend Sarah to use when photographing newborns. She wanted something pretty, with a scalloped edge and a flower on it. I made a couple of different flowers to try them out and see which one I liked better. After much indecision I realized that I liked them all! So, instead of making 27 hats, I decided to add buttons to the backs of the flowers so that they could slip right into any of stitches in the hat. This way Sarah has many, many options with only a couple of hats! I have really been looking forward to seeing one of her darling little newborns photographed so beautifully (as Sarah always does) in something that I made with my very own hands...it warms my heart!

I am super, super...did I say SUPER.....excited to reveal the first SDP photo using a FlutterBaby creation.


Isn't it the cutest thing? I can't wait to see more of Sarah's work with FlutterBaby props!!!

And if you want to see more SDP please visit Sarah's website or blog

***Keep your eyes open...you will see some photos of my FlutterBabies there!!**

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Many thanks to Sarah for sharing these photos with us!

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