Please, Please, Please...

I'll be your best friend!!!  :) 

My friend Sarah is celebrating her one year
anniversary of Sarah Duckworth Photography and is holding a contest for
some previous clients' favorite shots. Keaton and Jacob's Valentine
photo is included!!! YAY!!! Go vote for Keaton and Jacob!!!! Please,
Please!! Love ya!




Etsy Treasury!

My little Rattle-Pillar got included in the cutest caterpillar inspired treasury over at Etsy!  Go and check it out and leave the creator some love!

Oh So Very Hungry 4 Caterpillars! Etsy treasury by  CottageOnTheCoast


Pippichick Giveaway!

Check out this awesome Giveaway! I definitely need one of these for my new phone!




Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from FlutterBaby!!

Picnik collage

I had the pleasure to create this Valentiney version of Courtney for lil H....I hope she LOVES her!!

Courtney - for Valentines!



I hope all my FlutterFans have a Lovely Day!

I LOVE giveaways!!

Check out this cool new giveaway!!  I love these decals and I've been wanting something like the family is.. collection for my photo wall for a while!  Check it out and enter for yourself!!

Make It and Love It's Wordy Bird Giveaway



Amazing is the word that comes to mind when I see this photo and for so many reasons!

1.)  Theses beautiful babies are the newest addition to my family!!

My niece's sweet babies, Ashton and Avery, were born 1.6.10.

They were a little bit early but both went home 3 weeks later happy and healthy.  

 We couldn't be more proud of Amanda as she takes on her new roll as Mommy (x2)!

2.  I got to help my super talented friend Sarah Duckworth  on the photo shoot! 

 I adore everything Sarah does...I mean she did take this

 and these

OH and all of these!

and it was such a treat getting to see her in action. AND...I got to cuddle sweet little babies in between takes!!!

3.)  They are wearing FlutterBaby!!!!

The adorable flower headband and brim cap are 100% cotton and available in ANY sizes!!  I don't have them listed in my Etsy shop just yet, but you can always send me an email or send a message on my Facebook Page and I would be happy to custom design something for you!!


Art Photography GIVEAWAY

I have always been a fan of photography. I admire the art of photography and envy those who practice it so well. I will spend hours on worth1000 or Flickr or anywhere I can see beautiful things through other peoples eyes. I have always said that I want to be a photographer in my next life....but for now live vicariously through my talented friends! I discovered Sara Norris online and have been stalking her 365 project for a while now. She has pledged to take a self portrait every day, for 365 days, and give others an insight to her innermost thoughts and feelings. Sara is so talented, and I feel blessed to be able to also live vicariously through her..........at least for the next year!!You really must check out Sara's Etsy shop! I just purchased (YESTERDAY!!) her new glass tile pendant with The Roots Series, Number Four and I can't wait to get it!!

I messaged Sara (because even after my long drawn out "notes to seller" I failed to mention what photo I wanted....so like me!) and told her I couldn't wait to sell something so I could purchase some prints. And.....

Now I might not have to wait for sales (not that sales NOW wouldn't be great too)!!!

Sara has been featured on Censational Girl's blog with a GIVEAWAY!!!! Check it out and as always SHOP HANDMADE!!

Art Photography GIVEAWAY

Much Love
FlutterBaby Gifts


Phew....glad that is over with!!

Well the whirlwind of Christmas projects is finally over with!

And man, do my fingers hurt!

Those little dollies are a lot of work, but those happy little girls on Christmas Day makes it all worth it!!

Why I do it:

(Courtney got her's earlier this year for her first birthday,
but I still had to share her adorable photos!)

A couple of my little FlutterBabies!


Thanks Sarah!

I recently created a couple of hats for my friend Sarah to use when photographing newborns. She wanted something pretty, with a scalloped edge and a flower on it. I made a couple of different flowers to try them out and see which one I liked better. After much indecision I realized that I liked them all! So, instead of making 27 hats, I decided to add buttons to the backs of the flowers so that they could slip right into any of stitches in the hat. This way Sarah has many, many options with only a couple of hats! I have really been looking forward to seeing one of her darling little newborns photographed so beautifully (as Sarah always does) in something that I made with my very own hands...it warms my heart!

I am super, super...did I say SUPER.....excited to reveal the first SDP photo using a FlutterBaby creation.


Isn't it the cutest thing? I can't wait to see more of Sarah's work with FlutterBaby props!!!

And if you want to see more SDP please visit Sarah's website or blog

***Keep your eyes open...you will see some photos of my FlutterBabies there!!**

If you are on facebook be sure to become a fan of Sarah Duckworth Photography

Many thanks to Sarah for sharing these photos with us!


Caterpillar Gift Set (the very hungry kind)

Caterpillar Gift Set (the very hungry kind)
Originally uploaded by flutterbabygifts

Luke and his Caterpillar! I received these photos from my friend who purchased this set for her son's 5th birthday. We all love the book A Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, which was the the inspiration for my newest Caterpillar Gift Set. He was made with the same pattern as the Rattle-Pillar Baby Rattles but with double strands of yarn and a larger hook.

Here is my own FlutterBaby(ok...FlutterKid!) posing with the set!


BuggieBaby FireFly Hat
Originally uploaded by flutterbabygifts

I received this adorable photo from a customer that purchased a BuggieBaby hat to top off her daughter's FireFly Halloween costume! She will certainly be the cutest little bug on the block!!!! I LOVE getting photos of all the little FlutterBabies!


Time for a Shower!!

The Baby Kind!!

I had the honor to host a baby shower for one of my dearest friends this weekend. She is pregnant with her 3rd baby and first GIRL!!! This definately called for a celebration of all things pink, frilly, and girlie!!

Brooke's Shower

Sugar and Spice
and everything nice!

Dresses, ribbons & hair to curl,
We're tickled pink she's having a girl!!!

Let's shower Brooke with all things frilly and pink!
Girlie things are the cutest, don't you think?

We'll have a Sugar and Spice Raffle with prizes galore
Bring a pack of diapers and you'll be entered, for sure!

Brooke's Shower

I tried out a new game that I had never played before, I call it Bubblegum Babies! You give each guest a piece of BubbleYum gum and have them mold a baby. We put all of ours on a numbered plate and voted for the best one, the winner got a prize! It was fun watching everyone so focused and concentrating on molding the little piece of gum!


The middle one was gone when I went in to photograph them....I can only speculate as to what happened.....

I handmade the shower gifts using 100% cotton yarn and added different soaps. I think they turned out cute, what do you think??

Shower Gifts

We had the best time and I can't wait to meet the little sweet pea.

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