Art Photography GIVEAWAY

I have always been a fan of photography. I admire the art of photography and envy those who practice it so well. I will spend hours on worth1000 or Flickr or anywhere I can see beautiful things through other peoples eyes. I have always said that I want to be a photographer in my next life....but for now live vicariously through my talented friends! I discovered Sara Norris online and have been stalking her 365 project for a while now. She has pledged to take a self portrait every day, for 365 days, and give others an insight to her innermost thoughts and feelings. Sara is so talented, and I feel blessed to be able to also live vicariously through her..........at least for the next year!!You really must check out Sara's Etsy shop! I just purchased (YESTERDAY!!) her new glass tile pendant with The Roots Series, Number Four and I can't wait to get it!!

I messaged Sara (because even after my long drawn out "notes to seller" I failed to mention what photo I wanted....so like me!) and told her I couldn't wait to sell something so I could purchase some prints. And.....

Now I might not have to wait for sales (not that sales NOW wouldn't be great too)!!!

Sara has been featured on Censational Girl's blog with a GIVEAWAY!!!! Check it out and as always SHOP HANDMADE!!

Art Photography GIVEAWAY

Much Love
FlutterBaby Gifts


Phew....glad that is over with!!

Well the whirlwind of Christmas projects is finally over with!

And man, do my fingers hurt!

Those little dollies are a lot of work, but those happy little girls on Christmas Day makes it all worth it!!

Why I do it:

(Courtney got her's earlier this year for her first birthday,
but I still had to share her adorable photos!)

A couple of my little FlutterBabies!

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