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Cafemom Etsy Mom group is putting together a basket of handmade items from its members to send to 3 influential TV hosts. We hope to not only get our own shop names out there, but raise awareness for ETSY in general. I had a bit of a time deciding on what to make for each host, and here is what I came up with!!

The Little Ladybug Rattle and Washcloth set for Martha Stewart

The Silly Little Monster Rattle for Ellen

The CupCake Rattle for Rachel Ray

I hope the hosts put our baskets on the air!!! That will be so awesome!!


Anonymous said...

These are SO adorable!!!!! Great Job Momma!

mom2twogals on November 1, 2008 at 1:08 AM said...

I LOVE the ballerina too precious! You're quite talented mama:)

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